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DehradunFootball.com’s 11th anniversary

DehradunFootball.com’s 11th anniversary

The fight is on!

DehradunFootball.com completes its 11th year journey on Internet Today and it is a matter of great joy for the entire team involved in the operation of the website. In these bygone years we have addressed some basic issues- which unfortunately remains neglected so far. It is rather sad that the All India Football Federation continues to provide patronage and undue support to those sports associations who play spoil sports in Indian football.

Despite operating from a city like Dehradun, where limited facilities prevail, and with low resources, the DehradunFootball.com has set up a new benchmark in Indian soccer. The Dehradun football website continues to fight for clean sports and transparency.

Very recently we filed an RTI to know about the statues of certificates of coaches who had attended AIFF-D license course in Dehradun in 2015. The RTI application caught the AIFF and Uttarakhand Football Association napping and they had to distribution the certificates in a haste. Similarly, we have filed another RTI to know about the statues of Uttarakhand team, which played in the Santosh Trophy this year. Despite passing of five long months. Why none of the sports activist group are taking the issue of deliberately holding of certificates by sports federations?

The silence of football clubs, functioning in Uttarakhand, have shocked us. Nobody is raising his/her voice against the manipulation of Uttarakhand football association. Any federation that pays little attention to players welfare is unlikely to make any progress and contribution to sports with its negative approach.

DehradunFootball.com’s new operation is to trace the Uttarakhand football association president Ravi Krishan Gaikward. For this we have approached the AIFF and Ministry of Sports. After the All India Football Federation casually handled our RTI application, we approached the central Information Commission (New Delhi). The hearing of the case took place on 4 August 2016 and we are anxiously waiting for the final order from the CIC to take the next step.

In these bygone 11 years we have minutely recorded the reasons for the decline of Indian football. And we can boldly say AIFF does not have any formula, backed with intension, to revive soccer in the country. The football body is just making efforts to create more and more parallel systems. One failed system replaces another. No move is ever made to correct or improve the old system.

The AIFF created I-League to kill Santosh Trophy. Now the ISL has pushed the I-League to a point of no return. Killing good system is unlikely to help the AIFF. The FIFA ranking of India was much better in Santosh trophy days. The so called professional system adopted in present time by the AIFF has simply failed to give the desired result. It is right time for AIFF to borrow the simplified sports system of the Indian Army.

Guess which team constantly gives impressive performance in the none professional league (or No Paise League) in India. It is the Indian Army, check the Santosh Trophy results. Why none of the states, despite all the big grassroots programme claims of the AIFF and professional clubs operating there , have failed to win the Santosh Trophy.

As a part of our social responsibility towards Indian football, DehradunFootball will continue to keep the fight on.


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