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Uttarakhand football association ELECTION due next month, 'Sports Code' pose challenging situation

Dehradun: The election of the Uttarakhand State Football Association is due next month. With the state government implementing the 'Sports Code' in the hill state, this time the state football body will find the going tough. Five challenges before Uttarakhand State Football Association:

1) Uttarakhand Football Association secretary Akhtar Ali is serving in sports department and the 'sports code' does now allow any sports department employee to hold any elective post. Will he muster the courage to challenge the Uttarakhand government and contest once again?

2) Uttarakhand football association Ravindra Krishna Gaikward was not seen in any football activity in Uttarakhand after he assumed power in 2014. Gaikward was made president secretly and many sports lovers have informed state government top brass about the president having no connection with Uttarakhand. It is accused that he is a serving RTO in Andheri (Mumbai). Will Gaikward contest again?

3) With the sports act coming into operation the state football treasure has completed his 8 year fixed term. Uttarakhand football association faces big challenge in searching a dummy candidate for treasurer post.

4) Many sports federation operates like family business in Uttarakhand. A new norm of the All India Football federation disallows any blood relationship members of president, secretary and treasure to contest as office bearer in the body. What Jugad the state football association office bearers will apply to overcome this challenge.

5) Under sports code each sports federation should ensure free and fair election. The 18 year practice adopted by state football association was completely opposite- election hosted secretly and dubiously. Will the old formula work again?



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